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New (Kinda) Cemetery: “House Of Angels Healing Their Wounds”

I’m not the best at doing things I mean to do. Ask my email inbox. When it comes to posting around these parts, working life often gets in the way, knocking off all sorts of drafts just begging to get out of WordPress purgatory. I see you latest, very solid The fin. release, stay strong. It happens. But man I feel really bad about not writing something up about Cemetery’s Vessels from this past May, primarily because it’s a lock for my personal favorite albums list. It explores uneasy electronic territory the artist last touched on last year’s Denial, but moves towards something warmer and more spacious. The songs take their time to develop, slowly revealing new moments of beauty. Get it here.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because Cemetery shared a video for that album’s centerpiece, “House Of Angels Healing Their Wounds,” recently. It captures everything great about the aforementioned full-length in one track — it’s a spacious song building from sparseness to something practically shining, while also working in a few more unsettling details (the whispers lurking deep beneath). Gorgeous, simple, but hiding something underneath. Listen above.

UPDATE: Video appears to be gone! Still listen to the album!