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New Sapphire Slows: “The Edge Of My Land”

As premiered on The Fader earlier this week, Tokyo’s Sapphire Slows offered a taste of her forthcoming mini-album Time, in the form of “The Edge Of My Land.” Vocals have always played a central role in her electronic compositions, primarily as something flowing through the song, adding tension to the song even when not clear. Save for some exceptions, they’ve always felt like a critical but vaporous element. “The Edge Of My Land” spotlights them more. They are right in the middle, still clouded but pushed closer to the center than before. Just as interesting, is how warm it all sounds — “uneasy” is a word I’ve tossed around a lot with her work before around these parts, and while splashes of that adjective still come through, “The Edge Of My Land’s” mix of singing and synthesizer melodies ultimately offer something brighter sounding. Listen above.