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New (Kinda) Have A Nice Day!: “Bokura No Jidai”

Sometimes, a band moving up from an independent community does something like a movie theme song, and it can get people in a tizzy. I’m hoping that’s not what happened with Have A Nice Day! last year when they provided “Bokura No Jidai” for a film about millenials. The band, though, has always pretty much made soaring end-credit worthy electro-scuzz pop, the bedroom edge concealing all-together-now and outright earnest songs. “Bokura” wears its heart a little more larger on its sleeve — though only the new video, reason for posting, really pushes them somewhere new, using found online footage of the kids today doing stuff to underline its “living in the moment” theme. There’s something a bit more communal about it, and also something a little more marquee J-pop about it (weird comparison point: Perfume’s “Star Train“). But then again, that was always lurking in their DNA. Listen above.