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New (Kinda) Kindan No Tasuketsu: “Minamo Mina Omou Wa”

Kindan No Tasuketsu have been teasing a few things lately — highlighted by the arrival of a new member — but with no new songs as of yet. So “Minamo Mina Omou Wa” will have to do for now. It originally came out on a special single put out in 2015, but it’s a rarity in their catalog. And now they are including it on a release they will have at a live show…and shared the summer-ready song online. It features many hallmarks of Kindan No Tasuketsu’s sound…the thumping beat, the melancholic singing, a dance-bend running throughout…and is highlighted by a particularly sticky chorus. A good one to start the week, whenever it’s from. Listen above.