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New Kindan No Tasuketsu Featuring Imagawa Uchu: “Tomorrow World”

Kindan No Tasuketsu are a band full of detours — they’ve explored boogie-assisted rap, tropical instrumentals and fragile acoustic ruminations — but I’d argue they are at their best with the big, bright-eyed songs mixing melancholy with excitement for what tomorrow might bring. Like “Tonight Tonight” before it, “Tomorrow World” is a nervous electro-pop number moving forward on a bouncy machine beat and twinkling keyboard notes, tied together by guest vocalist Imagawa Uchu’s restrained vocal performance, which lends the song a contemplative air — of letting thoughts role out, and making pleas of “don’t vanish” and “don’t go”all the more heartfelt. And it all builds to a hook featuring lift-off, the unease hovering around the verses giving away to excitement about “tomorrow world.” This is the band in their best setting, and one highlighting everything that makes them stand out in the nation. Listen above.