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New Kinoco Hotel: “Hijō Naru Yoake”

In the same way Joaquin Phoenix stuck to his gimmick of being a crazy person for the entire filming of I’m Still Here, Kinoco Hotel cling to their femme-fatale “hotel staff” routine in the video for “Hijō Naru Yoake.” The group still wears their signature bell-hop outfits (in gold this time around) while performing said song in what appears to be a (yep) hotel meeting room, while scenes which could come from a 60s pulp film pop up throughout. The imagery isn’t the only adherence to theme at play – “Hijō Naru Yoake” sounds like the typical throw-back lounge-psych Kinoco Hotel always put out, “psych” here mostly meaning “sorta wonky sounding organ line.” Like their previous works, it’s plenty catchy and a few small touches really jump out (the bongos goin’ off underneath, mainly), no major shift-ups for a group filling a hyper-specific niche. Kinoco Hotel are one of those groups who probably won’t every offer up anything left field, but do one particular thing quite well and hey what’s wrong with that?