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Zazen Boys’ Mukai Shutoku Records Acoustic Number


Calling anything Mukai Shutoku does a surprise seems a bit foolhardy – dude has jumped between so many styles during his time in Number Girl, Zazen Boys and most recently Kimonos that sharp turns should be most certainly expected by now. Still, seeing a man who frequently shouts random English phrases (“WEEKEND!” “FRIDAY NIGHT!” “IDIOT!”) calming down and getting his coffe-house open mic on in the video above is the sort of twist that shocks at least a little bit. No shouting, no wailing guitar freak-outs, no keytar. Just Shutoku strumming away as he calmly sings into a mic. It’s not bound to become memorable like any of his other projects most manic moments, but it’s a sweet little acoustic song I don’t mind spending just over three minutes with.