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New Kissmenerdygirl Featuring Situke And Gomibakoru: “Step Into The Light”

This is familiar territory so I’ll just give the TLDR version — future funk on its own can often feel a bit lazy and forgettable, at least in the wrong hands. Yet as a base for something else — singing or rapping — the idea behind future funk can work quite well. “Step Into The Light” brings to mind Cool Japan’s “Rush Hour,” partially because both turn to Toshiki Kadomatsu jams as a foundation. But also because both construct something that ultimately sounds so radically different than the original. Kissmenerdygirl uses parts of Kadomatsu’s number as a swift backdrop for rappers Situke and Gomibakoru to glide over. Yet another example of what happens when, instead of minor tweaking, one aims for a new angle. Listen above.