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New Yahyel: “Rude”

Visuals play a massive role in yahyel’s existence as a band, exemplified at this year’s Fuji Rock Festival. The video for forthcoming single “Rude” played during that set, and was easily the most unnerving part of the band’s set, and it remains just as creepy in an uncanny valley way on its own. It’s also the best representation of what the band’s sound would look like, capturing both the just-off-ness found in their electronic songs, while also doing the best to capture the vague cult imagery hovering around the band (it’s the eyes). As important as it is, the song is every bit as in line with what yahyel have been doing over the past year, full of warped vocals and electronics twisted. Yet for all of the weirder approaches to sound and pained lyrics (also, uhhh, the clip), it sounds quite upbeat for a band usually occupying the shadows. Expect the unexpected with them. Listen above.