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New Kiwi: “Kiwi No Uta”

I don’t remember Kiwi being this wonderfully goofy when they released the Promise EP via Zoom Lens this past March. That one — a two-song set that really introduced the pairing of producer AZUpubschool and Osaka singer Coris — certainly had some upbeat instances (“GreedGreed”) but ultimately was a pretty dramatic and shifty affair. “Kiwi No Uta,” though, is fun, closer to music appropriate for The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy or, like, that Eddie Murphy Haunted Mansion project. This number, full of horns and howls and goofy sonic touches, tells the story of a ghost kiwi and general after-hours haunting, all played in a way that’s not too serious but also far perkier than pure joke material either. It’s…cute, the duo running with an idea and having fun with it. Watch (the very charming…kiwi ghost!) video above.