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New Sakanaction Video: “Slow Motion”

Sakanaction are in promotion mode, and off the heels of the video for “Years,” they’ve gone and released another video off their forthcoming B-sides and remixes collection. It’s for “Slow Motion,” which was a b-side for the (still transcendent, still tear-evoking) “Rookie.” The video is the real gem — throwback TV show motifs, full of goofy costumes, yes please! — as the song is both 1. very much of the Documentaly period, a funky number building up to an emotional-release of a chorus, and 2. not nearly as good as the songs that actually made the album. In particular, this reminds me of “Monochrome Tokyo,” but sandpapered down significantly, lacking the about-to-burst element that made Documentaly so special. Though the breakdown on this is pretty intense. Basically, it would have felt a bit of a weak redundancy on Documentaly, and works best as a b-side…which is how it worked out. Great video though, watch above.