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New Lovely Summer Chan: “Anata Wa Tobacco, Watashi Wa Shabon”

That’s one clever way to promote your album — drop in the album digest in the middle of the whole song.

Lovely Summer Chan, one of the busiest names in the Tokyo indie scene over the last three years, will release her first album through a major label this week. “Anata Wa Tobacco, Watashi Wa Shabon” is the latest preview of LSC, and the indie-popper moves ever so slightly into the shadows with it. The song features a bit more reverb than usual from her solo work, which coupled with her vocals brings to mind Soutaiseiriron, a band whose influence only grows with each passing year. But Lovely Summer Chan puts her stamp on it with the lyrics themselves, playing around with metaphors about tobacco and equally unhealthy people. Listen above.