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New Lulu And Mikeneko Homeless: “Asago”

The pairing of Lulu and Mikeneko Homeless has proven to be especially successful, and here they are with a new summer-ready tune just as the hottest stretch of the year approaches. Released via Maltine Records, “Asago” highlights how well both artists work together. Lulu’s singing wraps around the bouncy beat just right, the lyrics touching on some sort of relationship but shining thanks to a focus on small, summer-centered details, ranging from the way a plastic bag sparkles in the sun to simply sweating a lot. Yet even these mundane elements become rich via her singing. The music hops along appropriately, featuring percussive elements apt for the season, but which don’t tip over into stereotypical “tropical house” territory. Rather, it stands as its own creation, and is accented by intricate piano melodies that help the song shuffle ahead. Get it here, or watch the video below.