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Seimei Teams Up With Kent Alexander For Back On The Blue

The latest from Midnight Cult finds label director Kent Alexander and Trekkie Trax founder Seimei splitting space to share a batch of new juke songs. Back On The Blue finds the two Japan-based producers showing off their jittery beat-production skills, and it isn’t unknown territory for either. Still, differences emerge between the two, and make this work quite well as a diverse set of dance numbers showing off both artists’ range. Every song here moves at a quick clip, but in general Seimei’s cuts are more straightforward and energetic, usually finding a specific sound and finding the joy in it (see the horn blurt on “I Felt The Love” or the stuttered repetition of “you ain’t gettin” on “Young Vet,” a song showing that Prefuse 73 works wonder in a juke setting). Alexander’s, meanwhile, feature more twists and details — the dolphins on “Marine Rouge” being a highlight — and also features more tempo shifts (see “Monkey,” a mind melting enough number before you realize [I think] that the song is sampling from the theme to Monkey Magic). Ultimately, everything works wonderfully together. Get it here, or listen below.