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New Madegg: “So Far”

The Spring features a lot of great album releases, but the one I’m most excited for is Madegg’s debut album on Flau Records. The Kyoto beatmaker has been releasing songs at a rapid clip over the past year and has a few EPs to his name, but sometime next season the first proper Madegg album will drop and I will be very excited to see what he has in store. New song “So Far” probably won’t be on that album, but it’s a nice track that only wets my appetite for his Flau debut even more. After spending a while wrapping himself around jazzier sounds, Madegg returns to the more cosmic sound he first dabbled in extensively. “So Far” turns what could have been Christmas-time bells into star twinkles, new sounds creeping into the picture as the simple hand-clap percussion carries the song forward. Like his best work, “So Far” feels vast but never aimless, always moving towards something even if the surroundings feel massive. Listen below.

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