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Spaced Odyssey: Rapunzel8083’s “Gekkou”

Thoughts upon first finding Rapunzel8083: “Oh, look here, an artist somehow connected to everyone’s favorite all-over-the-place beat scene INNIT. Not sure how, but this artist with a name worthy of a YouTube user knows Madegg so good enough for me. Hmmm, that probably means I know what to expect – Brainfeeder-esque beats with out-of-time digital burps and a general out-of-this-world vibe that, hey, I really like, I just hope Rapunzel8083 finds a way to carve out a unique identity like most of the INNIT crew instead of becoming wannabe Flying Lotus. Welp, lets click play on this track.”

Thoughts upon hearing “Gekkou” (translates to “Moonlight”) for the first time: “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

Thoughts upon gathering myself: “Well, the seven-minute play time should have hinted me off that this wouldn’t be a typical beat…but even then, other INNIT folks have gone over the five-minute mark. Thing is, they usually stick to one main beat and make some minor changes over the course of the track. Rapunzel8083 made a space opera, like whoever this is listened to Cosmogramma and said ‘this is great, but I bet I can condense it into seven minutes.’ I mean this thing starts with disembodied opera voices lost in a void before lasers blast all over the place and then…it just keeps taking turn after turn. Tie-Fighter sounds give way to skippy vocal samples to what sounds like interstellar bat howls. Then…more lasers, but different! Clanking percussion and…is that a Portishead sample emerging from whatever nebula we’ve just flown by? Doesn’t last long, replaced by screaming I would normally associate with the alien from Alien bursting out of someone’s chest. Finally, a soft, 8-bit landing. Whoa.”

Thoughts upon a few more minutes of thinking: “How does INNIT find these people?”

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