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New Madegg: “Tea Break”

First, obviously Madegg doesn’t take any breaks himself because he just keeps releasing these Dilla-esque numbers that go down like Reese’s Pieces.

Second, one of my personal favorite aspects of Madegg’s release approach is that you have no idea where he’s going to post his next creation. Following his Twitter account streamlines it, but in an age where promotion has become predictable, it’s nice to see someone like Madegg pinball from BandCamp to SoundCloud to actual physical products. “Tea Break” appears on YouTube, complete with a blurry still of seminal Super Nintendo joint Yoshi’s Island.

Finally, the actual song is another otherworldly (or, I guess, Los Angeles-ish) production number. The Kyoto producer has established a recognizable style by now, though “Tea Break” seems a bit more chilled out, those wordless vocals sounding super happy to just be floating around Madegg’s twinkling ether. Listen below.