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New Super VHS: Girlfriends EP

Last week, chilled-out group Super VHS dropped a new EP for free over at Bandcamp just waiting for you to click the “download” button. Girlfriends features two relatively relaxed tracks, both moving like a lazy Sunday afternoon and with a little fog slightly crowding the scene. The title track moves along slowly, the guitars gently pushing everything ahead except for the times they twang off, the closest “Girlfriends” come to anything “tropical.” The vocals get blanketed in just enough fuzz to make them feel ancient (think Dirty Beaches). Breezy nostalgia. The other song attached here is “I Want You To Find Me,” tagged as a cover though I’m gonna admit I have no idea what song. And Google isn’t coming through, though maybe it’s Japanese! Anywho, “I Want You To Find Me” follows “Girlfriends'” raking-the-leaves pace, letting the guitars and tinkling electronics gives this a laid-back feel. Only the beat really hints at anything approaching immediacy, but doesn’t intrude enough to kill the vibe. Download the EP here.