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New Magical Mistakes Featuring Jake Falby: “With Love” (Also, Madegg And And Vice Versa Remixes)

Impose Magazine let Erik Luebs…who records as Magical Mistakes, based in Japan…write about the blossoming Osaka electronic scene, and it is definitely a good read, so check that out first. It also comes with a new song from Magical Mistakes called “With Love,” and it at first sounds like typical goodness from the Shiga-based producer. It’s a lovely jumble of sound, enveloping electronics wrapped around vocal moans next to laser sounds only steps away from…the sound of paper being crushed up? Like the best songs on the Special Friends EP from the start of 2012, “With Love” is obsessed about sonic texture.

Though it becomes with something else I can’t quite put my finger on – beauty? – when a violin enters all gorgeous like. That comes courtesy of Jake Falby – here is a video of him playing on a rooftop in Buenos Aires – and it adds a sharp emotional element to “With Love,” the violin becoming the heart of the track as the flurry of electronics go off around it. Listen below.

Fellow INNIT artists Madegg and And Vice Versa remixed “With Love,” and you can hear those takes on it here.