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Truly Beat: New Okadada, MFP And Night Vision

If the artists gracing the covers of music magazines who make more aggressive strands of electronic music aren’t really your thing, here is a trio of Japanese producers whose latest tracks are relatively chilled-out affairs, the sort of stuff made for lazy summer days. Osaka’s Okadada released two new tracks this week – “Cee” resembles a slightly more in-your-face hip-hop beat, the shimmering synth and vocals being the only parts that feel relaxed. The track “Down To Nine,” though, moves at the same speed sweat does down one’s body. It’s a relaxed bit of noon-time disco, the sort of song meant to be played poolside – or, more timely, alongside Poolside.

Beat-maker MFP, meanwhile, kicks in the season with “Raw Shit,” which isn’t as exuberant as the big sample blasts dotting his Mindful Beats Vol. 2 release, but rather a content groove that doesn’t last long but feels homely for as long as it does.

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Last, “Chromatic Love” from Night Vision. Of the three tracks featured here, “Chromatic Love” is the only one with a prominent vocal component, but Night Vision stutters the heck out of it and leaves it as a distant sound, which allows the smooth synths upfront to strut on without obstruction. For good measure, he adds some nice audio sparkles on top it to give it a dreamy late-night vibe.