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New Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs: “Slow Motion Replay”

Feels nice getting to write that!

It has been a while since Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs, well, were even together, let alone putting out new material. Yet here they are in 2017, prepping a new single and sharing the video now. Reunions — or coming back from hiatuses, I feel either works when talking about a band who quit back in 2012 — are tricky business, in some part because what fans want can cloud out the reality of the situation. “Slow Motion Replay” isn’t the sound of a band springing right back into the raw charge of their peak years, but rather something melancholy (I mean, the title alone gives that away, that a certain amount of reflection is going on) and just a little less chugging. Rather, it builds up, still plenty fierce, but “Slow Motion Replay” just taking a little longer to unfold. Yet when it hits that hook, everything ramps up and the song opens up. Listen above.