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New MEG: “Passport” And “Paris”

Programming Note: My computer died today (water on the keyboard…not good people!) so posts might be slightly more infrequent. Pray to whatever computer god you believe in for me, thanks. But hey…here are two songs about wanting to get away from everything for a bit, how timely.

It’s becoming clear electro-diva MEG works best as a singles artist. While her recent full-length Maverick sounded only so-so, that LP’s lead single “Secret Adventure” stood out as a fun jaunt. Now comes the tag-team of “Passport” and “Paris” to further drive home the point MEG should be listened to in small doses. “Passport” doesn’t deviate too far from the usual MEG template (bouncy electronics, computer-ey vocals, sounding vaguely like a deep Perfume cut) but that isn’t a slap against it when it boasts a chorus like this. Whereas a fair amount of Maverick’s tracks started melting together into a neon puddle of sameness, “Passport” features an enjoyable…and sort of mellow, at least for this genre…chorus that actually sticks out a bit.


Flip-side “Paris” attempts to be MEG’s “575,” trading in the usual bleeping fury for something a bit more minimalist. It doesn’t come close to reaching the lofty heights of Perfume’s latest B-side, but isn’t a slouch in any way. Though the yo-ho bounce of the song veers dangerously close to pirate shanty at times (seriously), “Paris” mostly exists as a chilled out electro exercise. More pleasant than attention grabbing, it’s still a nice comedown after the more manic “Passport.”