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New Memoryhook: Still In The Dream / The Letter For You.

Two songs, two chances for Nagoya project Memoryhook to show off their musical duality. “Still In The Dream” is the hazier offering, and pretty much delivers what you’d expect from a shoegaze-adjacent project. It never gets too noisy, but the group swirls together vocals, guitar strums and the machine-generated beat to create…wait for it…something very dreamy and easy to marinate in. It’s fine, but the kind of tune you just put on and kind of forget about despite how pleasant it comes off. “The Letter For You.” delivers something stronger. They pick up the pace and take it to warmer climes, and most importantly the singing doesn’t simply blend into the background but actually moves everything forward. It’s warm and melancholy, and catchy which is always a nice bonus. Listen above, or get it here.