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New Metome: “Feather”

Considering that end-of-the-year content starts appearing in late November now, it seems like now might be an OK time to start sorta thinking back on 2014…despite the fact that 1. this blog’s top two picks for an album of the year list came out this month and 2. Homecomings still have a release out on Christmas Eve. Still, the Internet demands that we look back, so wistful thinking aloud begins now by asking the question…remember Metome? Remember the Osaka producer’s Objet, released at the very start of the year, and how it still ended up being this year’s finest senses-warping full length from the always-bustling Osaka electronic scene? Well, it is (with Eadonmm’s quicksand-sinking debut being something else entirely), and that one is a definite top-ten lock around these parts, so go get it if you haven’t.

Now, back to the future – Metome will actually be going on a brief tour of the North American west coast this December, with stops in San Diego, Tijuana, Los Angeles and Seattle. In advance of those shows, he’s released a new free-to-download song called “Feather,” which you can hear above. It’s a brief, clattering number that swaps out sliced-up vocal samples for something more fidgety and cutting, whatever voices are present here blurring together with the electronic whiplash.