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New Miii: The Hanging Forest

A drop isn’t just a drop in Miii’s hands. The Tokyo producer revels in big neck-twisting blasts of bass and samples, making them the central sonic foundation of their music for most of this decade. The Hanging Forest is one single track of the same name, and highlights this love of fest-friendly chaos. Space and subdued rumbling open the number, but that’s all window dressing. Everything slowly starts picking up the pace, more elements creeping in and everything building for that first, big static plunge. It’s in these stretches where Miii’s real joy comes out, as they just throw all kinds of samples and sounds into the fray, letting all kinds of interesting stuff development (personal favorite: a stray dog bark). Miii doesn’t treat it like a typical drop, letting it play longer and revisiting them like a particularly compelling musical passage — but they also don’t let it get stodgy, remembering what makes them such a blast in the first place. Get it here, or listen below.