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New Oyubi: Aspirations EP

Part of juke producer Oyubi’s charm lies in how prolific young creator can be. Their 2018 output registered as #17 on our favorite albums list, and it helped that Oyubi put out so much to show all the various sides to their approach to the Chicago-born style. No wasting time in 2019 — the Aspirations EP dropped right on New Year’s Day, and further offers plenty of reminders of why they are on the rise. “You Drop Like This” offers one of the more skeletal tunes Oyubi has shared yet, featuring some rough-around-the-edges percussion and follow-the-bouncing-ball vocal samples. But simplicity proves effective on this back-and-forth number. “0069” is just as spacious, but swaps out playful simplicity in favor of chilly and sparse creeps, using deep bass lines and skittering electronic touches — and recorded voices reciting numbers — to create an unnerving side of Oyubi. “U Go” is more of a traditional slice of Chicago juke, while “Tribal Juke” finds the producer integrating slightly wonkier sounds into their universe (the sliced-up syllables and hoots bring to mind Foodman if he made juke…ya know, more direct juke). A strong start for an artist who seemingly doesn’t stop. Get it here, or listen below.