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New Moscow Club: “Daisy Miller Pt. 2”

Less of a sequel and rather more of the same thing shot at a different angle and on more blockbuster-friendly film, Moscow Club’s “Daisy Miller Pt. 2” emerges from the ether of “Pt. 1” no longer in a dream state but ready to get stuff done. The tempo quickens, the guitars get the haze scraped off them and Moscow Club bring a drum this time around. Everything else stays the same…same misty lyrics and same vocal interplay between Moscow Club and guest singer Canopies And Drapes, although this time around she ends up a bit more obscured, less of a mid-day memory and more of a little boost for the main vocal thrust. Played back-to-back, “Pt. 1” and “Pt. 2” work pretty darn well (surprise, given the fact the title connects them, ya?) though I’m ultimately still partial to the first’s floating dreaminess. “Pt. 2” makes a lot of sense – this is the floor filler, the one you put on every indie-pop playlist you think up to get your friends awkwardly shaking while “Pt. 1” would go on the mixtape for that special someone.

I’m a moron though and never read the story Daisy Miller so I’m in the dark when it comes to how this ties into that!

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