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New mus.hiba Featuring Zo3: “Ginkgo”

One of the key components of producer mus.hiba’s music these last few years have been digital voices, created using a freeware version of signing-synthesizer program Vocaloid called UTAU that generated the vocals on many of his tracks. Yet for his new song “Ginkgo,” he’s decided to bring a dash of real humanity to his slowly unfolding beat, posting the demo and asking for vocal contributions. The first shared contribution comes from Bay Area artist Zo3, who meshes up with the beat to inject some longing into it. As a result, it is one of the sturdiest numbers mus.hiba has put out, and reveals a potential new layer to his sound, one where guests such as Zo3 provide a solidity the digi-warble of Sekka Yufu can’t. Which is to say, this is the most outright pop thing he’s done, way different than the darkness of White Girl but intriguing in its own lane. Listen above.