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New N. Brennan: Scary Moments III

Not quite a yearly tradition…Scary Moments II came out in January 2015…but welcome all the less. Following a year that wasn’t just triumphant for the label itself, but also one where the imprint’s hi-def approach to unnerving sound seemed especially persistent across Japanese music, Wasabit Tapes shared N. Brennan’s Scary Moments III, a slow-creep of a mixtape. Each of the four songs here clock in at over 20 minutes, and over those long run times N. Brennan creates the equivalent of an especially creepy Let’s Play video, full of space and horror-game synths, the mood being that of someone wandering around a dark catacomb. Unnerving, yeah, but true to the title Scary Moments features moments of shock, marked by heavy breathing and ominous church bells and a sudden musical surge. Get it here, or listen below.