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New LLLL: Chains “Phase 1: Resent”

Two of the three songs comprising Chains “Phase 1: Resent” have appeared over the last two months, one at a time. This advances Tokyo artist LLLL’s Chains project forward with the first EP in the series. We won’t dwell too much on “Dance & Kill” and “Loaded Gun,” a pair of songs we’ve written about. They are, as they were when they were released, well worth your time, and stand strong on their own. Here, though, they work in sequence (a more direct sequence, that is), with the newest addition “From The New World” serving as a necessary bridge between the two, LLLL’s latest being one where vocals are pushed very far back, barely there save for some stuttered bits in the back. “Phase 1: Resent” highlights the cohesion at the heart of this. Get it here, or listen below.