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New Nate And Flip Flop Fly: “Reflects My Self” And “Intersect”

Big week for rapper Nate, involved in two of the best songs released out of Japan over the last seven days. She takes centerstage on “Reflects My Self,” a woozy number that finds her sing-rapping (and adding in some delightful ad libs) over a rippling electronic beat close to Local Visions’ brand of out-of-time-ness. It is just the right backdrop for Nate’s delivery, here concealing plenty of longing, and prone to being manipulated into a near-Vocaloid thing that helps it meld in well with the electronic backdrop. Listen above.

She also teamed up with another rising act, Magical Ponika, as Flip Flop Fly on the song “Intersect.” This one inches a bit away from ennui in favor of a tag-team approach over a kitchen-sink beat that finds the pair pogoing on top with boasts and a generally upbeat disposition. Listen below.