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New Universe Nekoko: “Kimi No Youni Ikiretara”

“Kimi No Youni Ikiretara” is made for the tender-hearted teen lurking within. Universe Nekoko have been students of shoegaze and indie-pop since starting out, but this release finds them just nailing the feeling just right. Maybe I’m just getting a bit too wistful for youth, but “Kimi” captures that sense of longing lurking underneath waves of electric guitar distortion. It’s a feeling clear right from the opening chug of “Virgin Suicides,” noise colliding just right with drama. “Like A Raspberry” holds back on any sort of catharsis in favor of slow-simmering tension, while highlight “(I’m) Waiting For The Sun” nods to MBV most directly with some distorted guitar notes before giving over to noise. Get it here, or listen below.