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New Native Rapper Featuring Lulu: “Imasara”

“Imasara” marks the first time in Native Rapper’s young career…that I know of at least…where he has had to accommodate another voice beside his own, electronically manipulated one. Lulu joins the Kyoto producer on this twisty-tury love song, and it is a good test to see if his music can work alongside a voice not being played around with. And Lulu is as good a vocalist you can get, given her huskier delivery. “Imasara” works, as it is a little less frantic than some of the songs Native Rapper handles on his own, leaving more space for him and Lulu to duet over, the two trading lines. Yet he isn’t abandoning what he has done, as “Imasara” still features nickel turns and ear-grabbing details (the little squeaky sound…but not a bed squeak…that creeps in at points, or the horns), not to mention his familiar digi delivery, which makes for a nice contrast with Lulu’s untouched style. A nice whirlwind for Valentine’s Day that highlights Native Rapper’s musical skills alongside his delivery. Listen above.