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New Odd Castles Compilation Features In The Blue Shirt, Chanbe And More

The blog Odd Castles has been sharing great, SoundCloud-centric mixes and songs for a while now, but in recent times has morphed into what they describe as “a label/collective.” The new Below Your Halo compilation puts the spotlight on a lot of very talented artists…Ulzangg Pistol! No Rome!…though for the purposes of the Make Believe Melodies’ brand, we will just be focusing on the Japanese contributors. Though I’ll take this moment to urge you to listen to all of it, because it’s a great collection.

Partially because Odd Castles brought a lot of great Japanese producers into the fold, and they shine across Below Your Halo. In a year where he’s already wowed multiple times, Osaka’s In The Blue Shirt turns an Enrique Iglesias song into a hyperactive zipper, one that makes the love at the center of the song way more fun than the original. Not quite as hyperactive is Chanbe’s contribution “Momo,” a woozy snapper featuring pitched-around voices. Joining in as well are Amunoa, with the skittery “Sweet” and Attic Note with the fluttery dance track “E.C.O.” Listen to the whole collection above.