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New Kindan No Tasuketsu: “Konya Wa Boogie Woogie Night”

Kindan No Tasuketsu’s best strength isn’t the ease in which they glide between styes — they are a great band because they write really great songs. But the prior point is probably a strong number two. They’ve made life-affirming pop songs and pensive acoustic meditations and Christmas songs. With “Konya Wa Boogie Woogie Night,” they give voice-manipulated funk and rap a whirl which…more or less works! Very few songs should last six minutes, and this isn’t one of the exceptions, but cut two minutes off this and you have a fun (never underestimate bands having goofy good times together) number featuring good electro-brushed singing. It helps that they brought in a ringer to do the actual raps, as Noppal shows up to deliver solid verses that can’t really be construed as jokey (the risk a song like this runs might high). Watch the video above.