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New Okadada: When The Night Falls EP

Man, it’s pretty crazy that we live in a time when someone can throw an album up on Bandcamp whenever they want and the listener can pay just five dollars (or less!) to download it. As long as we ignore all the industry doom and gloom, it’s kinda a great time to be a music fan! Electronic-music producer Okadada took advantage of the Bandcamp platform and released a new EP, When The Night Falls, earlier this week. You can get it here, for whatever price you’d like. Which, again, is crazy, because this is a release worth more than a “$0.00” on the order page. Okadada is another future-leaning producer in a country that’s starting to overflow with them, his specialty being able to create laid-back grooves that still manage to sound daring. Opener “Difference” is burbling disco joined by smooth vocals, lovey-dovey things about how “there is magic again.” And that one isn’t even the slowest disco song on the EP – “Secret Fantasy” unfolds leisurely, and even a deep vocal sample can’t break this one out of its groove (aside: would love to know where that sample comes from). Even the gruff “Rubber Ray” matches the dusky vibe of the whole EP. This is a really well-done release, and worth a few bucks at the very least. Get it here.