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New Oomori Seiko: “Dogma Magma”

I don’t have much time as I need to go to sleep, but…new Oomori Seiko! “Dogma Magma” is from her forthcoming new full-length, and it is a good bit of twisty-turvy pop, a song that knows how to keep things interesting but also never abandons the pop core that has been vital to her work. There are a lot of detours you could make while talking about this…like how few artists are as good as getting the most out of their voice as Seiko, how she kind of makes “alternative idol” music or whatever you want to call that musically superfluous, how previous point would probably get me punched by Oomori Seiko herself…but “Dogma Magma” reminds that Seiko is one of J-Pop’s most ambitious artists going, still. Listen above.