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New Oomori Seiko: “Pink Methuselah”

Oomori Seiko in 2016 has been a very busy person. She released Tokyo Black Hole this spring, an album I still find myself digesting (current state: it includes some of her absolute best work to date, but as a whole it kind of drags for me, though I think I need to listen to it a bit more), and she has been playing a lot of fests lately, highlighted by a fantastic show at the Fuji Rock Festival last week. She’s still chugging along, sharing (a clip) of her next single, “Pink Methuselah.” Everything that makes a good Seiko song, well, a good Seiko song is present — her voice, the emotional release come the chorus — but this one features some nifty instrumentation, guided by harps and percussion that lends this a deep-sea feel. Listen above.