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New Wooman: Wooman

With Jesse Ruins finished and the CVN project…well, nothing out right now, the Faron-Square-plus-one band Wooman currently stands as the most prominent CUZ ME PAIN project going. The fuzz-loving band recently released their first cassette tape, featuring six songs. Two previously released cuts made the tape, but the rest is new, highlighted by the slowly unfolding “Not Today,” complete with muffled vocals and a great barely-there bridge, and “Just Dive,” which reveals a funky side after a marching intro. Wooman sound like a throwback to a time that’s really not that long ago — the 2011/2012 period when CUZ ME PAIN and bands such as Hotel Mexico (which, hey, if you miss, get on this Wooman tape) were generating a buzz that seemed ready to push the Japanese indie community into an international light. Get it here, or listen to three songs above.