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New Oven Toast Jam: Kikai No Kuni EP

Producer Oven Toast Jam gets a lot out of what are, oftentimes, extremely out-there sounds. His latest EP, , features things that sound like dial-up Internet, cheap keyboard sounds, jack-in-the-box innards and…several times…robots talking. The last one makes the most sense, as the title of this album translates to Machine Country, so having MacTalk quality voices pop up makes sense (especially on the title track). Yet what Oven Toast Jam pulls off here is taking a bunch of whimsical sounds and making them fall into place to form off-balance dance numbers and drum-n-bass workouts. Save for the final song – an airy, nearly empty meditation that is a welcome cushion at the end of all the herking and jerking – this is a rattling album that always functions just right. Get it here, or listen below.