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New Paellas: “Night Drive”

We are not even one week into 2016, but Osaka band Paellas (formerly, uh, The Paellas) have already dropped the first really good release of the year in their mini-album Remember, which arrived in stores on New Year’s Day. The group first caught our attention with their nocturnal take on indie-pop, early songs such as “Lights” and “Following” sounding like a group taking up residence at a worn-down lounge, playing 3 a.m. shows to a crowd of castoffs forever. Remember cements Paellas shift towards late-night disco rock, teased on “Cat Out” (included on the album) and now confirmed. They’ve moved off the stage and now wander the streets, creating shuffling music perfect for lonely evenings.

“Night Drive” captures the vibe of Remember well, a tight waist-mover covered in fog and longing lyrics. One of Paellas greatest strengths, whether as a more conventional band or in the sad disco stage of today, is how they get the most out of just a few words, the band repeating lines over and over again to drive home the melancholy held inside. Listen above.