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New Picnic Women: All That’s Juke


Not to be too “ughhhh my week!” but…ughhhh my week. Ultimately, it’s good for me to be hyper busy, but boy do I feel tired (and behind). And that extends to writing about music and checking in on what’s happening. Thank goodness for reliable releases, like the latest from Picnic Women All That’s Juke. As the title playfully hints at, “All That’s Juke” messes around with jazz, though Picnic Women’s typically wonky approach to juke music results in vocal grunts that sound more Home Improvement than Thelonious Monk…though the horn sample ends up the highlight. The rest of the EP ventures off in other directions…”You’re A Ringer” fucks around with house, while “Fake and the real” is a nice experiment with vocals and delayed gratification. Get it here, or listen below.