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Now this is more like it. PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSET’s last single, “Pretty Little Bag,” certainly satiated anyone who needed a standard helping of shoegaze in their diet. Yet it was also a little too zoned out, far too content to stare at its Converse sneakers and engage in any conversation beyond “what is reality man??” “Pearl” still has the dreamy touches we expect from a group like PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSET – distant vocals, guitars that can make you feel like you are seeing in swirly colors – yet MVP goes to the drummer who gives this life. Whereas the pounding just blended together in “Bag,” here it comes out of the gate forceful, an almost Interpol-stomp that makes sure nobody can get too caught up in looking at things. “Pearl” is a good look-at-me song, showing PLASTIC GIRL have a little bit of muscle on their frame.


Via SparkPlugged.