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Self-Promotion Plus: Talking To Beach House


I talked to Victoria Legrand from Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House for The Japan Times this week, as they will be playing this year’s Fuji Rock Festival. Read the whole thing here. Also, if for some reason you never got around to their excellent 2010 release Teen Dream, get on that, an album I still play regularly.

Speaking of Fuji Rock…geez, I forgot how loaded this lineup is. Summer Sonic did a good job getting more Japanese artists to play their festival this year (or, more likely, a lot fewer Western artists wanted to risk radiation exposure), but Fuji Rock still slays in this regard. Yellow Magic Orchestra and Tokyo Ska Paradise come pretty close to headlining spots, while folks like Shonen Knife and Shugo Tokumaru have respectable spots as well. Also, glad to see NOKIES! get on the bill as well. I’m sorta kicking myself for not going this year.