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New Puni Puni Denki: “Wonder Underground”

Turns out Puni Puni Denki’s recent turn to more relaxed, near-bossa-nova sounds wasn’t just a one-off thing. Wonder Underground follows up the cafe-adjacent sweetness of “Life Is Super Dope” with three more songs begging to soundtrack your next chill-out session. Wonder Underground isn’t background music or even smooth enough to soundtrack your next homework marathon. The strings and gentle beat of “Empty Castle” hide some lyrics marked by darker details (like, some Cersei-level anger aimed at others) and the whole vibe the relationship central to this isn’t real. The past-midnight lounge lament “Your Skin,” similarly, uses sax and piano as a way to hide longing. It’s all easy to get lost in, as long as you don’t let the details snap you back. Get it here, or listen below.