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Trekkie Trax Crew And Nakamura Minami (Teng Gang Starr) Team Up For “Reiwa”

This is going to be very tired sometime very soon, but let’s savor the genuine thrill of history while it lasts. The Reiwa era is here in Japan, and it was a genuinely cool moment that saw celebrations all over the country and at least one guy somersault onto a boat. Shared moments — pretty neat! To commemorate the change, Trekkie Trax teamed up with Nakamura Minami for a song called “Reiwa” that is all about, well take a guess. A lot of really goofy efforts have been made to either stare longingly back on the Heisei era or try to imagine what Reiwa might be like, but this number just simply celebrates the moment. It’s high energy fun, all hyping up the times to come while waving goodbye to all that happened (with enthusiastic vocal samples cascading behind). Fittingly, this one rings in the new times with pure energy. Get it here, or listen below.