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New QQIQ: “With You”

Semi-mysterious outfit QQIQ have a new album out, and they’ve cooked up an interesting way of selling it. This page breaks it down, but the quick summary: e-mail them for a download link, listen, and two weeks later they’ll ask you how much you think it was worth. And…send them the money. It’s a clever little system (at least in the abstract…who knows how it will work out) that’s especially charming seeing a band try to circumvent all other avenues to make money for their art without simply saying “ehhhh take it.” “With You” is the last song on their new album, and even though it lacks a snappy song title such as “Death From Above 1999” or “Asperger Management,” but it is a hoppy, catchy guitar-pop number that doesn’t get fancy but delivers a sticky chorus. Listen above.