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New RGL: Machine Love

This one’s billed as a single, but RGL’s Machine Love plays out like one large journey. The total playtime of these three tracks certainly helps with that feeling, as the latest from the Tokyo producer comes in at around 18 minutes. Just as crucial, though, is how this trio of tracks plays off of one another, each built from the same sonic material. “T2” gets assistance from Yebisu 303, and pairs drum machine clacks against funk splatters and a layer of acid squelches. These are the building blocks of Machine Love, turned into loose-limbed cosmic funk on centerpiece “LinnQ” and framed a touch more sinister on the late-night robo-mover “WQ456.” RGL has long made great tracks, but here’s a situation where he makes a set that flows together just right. Get it here, or listen below.