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New DJ Wildparty: Drive EP

Ahhhh, and here I was thinking everything from 2017 had been wrapped up.

DJ Wildparty routinely releases new music at Comiket events, and at the 2017 winter edition he offered up Drive, an EP finding the producer crafting some bright-day house music inspired by…well, it’s right there in the title. Wildparty’s own music tends to always be on the upbeat side, but sometimes more crushing than anything else. Not so with Drive, which is downright bright for most of its run, the only downcast moments coming from flashes of melancholy that creep in (and, hey, maybe that’s just my problem). Like the RGL release covered earlier today, Drive ties together nicely on one play, from the woozy stepping of “Wakeup” to the giddiness of “On The Way” and “Highway.” The climax, though, is “Sunshine,” a cathartic number that merges Wildparty’s usual love of maximalism with house music, everything swirling together to create a cathartic number between happiness and nostalgia (my mind drifts to M83’s “Run Into Flowers,” and if you told me Wildparty sampled part of it, I wouldn’t be shocked). Listen above.