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New Satanicpornocultshop: New Fuck EP

Wherein Satanicpornocultshop let their freak flag fly. The New Fuck EP finds the long-running outfit bringing their skittery style to some slightly sleazier material, highlighted by the title track, a sliced-up take on Disco D’s “Fuck Me On The Dancefloor.” The bulk of the EP finds the group trying out ghettotech, using ample amounts of Vocoder-soaked samples come through clearly on the title track and on late jammer “Knob & Slider.” But they let the rhythms themselves do most of the work on the middle part, no words appearing at all on “Slave Teacher” and the vocal tied to the pulsing “What Do You Want To Be” surprisingly PG (fitting, since the sample comes from a Calvin Harris pop number). But the urges underneath come through clearly. Get it here, or listen below.